Saturday, June 29th at Knokke Beach

Previous events

La Nuit de la Tentation has been organized for several years now, drawing crowds year after year. Below, you can explore a compilation of aftermovies from the most recent editions, showcasing the electrifying atmosphere and memorable moments.

Our Story

Moeder TeNTe is a student association established in 1998 in Leuven by four close friends. Unlike many other clubs, geographical origin holds no significance within our organization. Last year, following the 12th edition of our signature event, "La Nuit de la Tentation," we seized the opportunity to extend our reach beyond the sandy shores of Knokke-Heist. With immense pride and unwavering dedication, we allocated €3000 to our chosen charitable organizations: VZW Habbekrats, UNICEF Gaza, and Rotary Lahore.

"La Nuit de la Tentation" has evolved from humble beginnings into a spectacular beach party, where the sun, the sand, and our iconic stretch tents set the stage for unforgettable moments. From the tempting food stands to the pulsating beats, each element contributes to the electrifying atmosphere that defines our event. It's a celebration of summer, marking the beginning of the summer break. Additionally, every December, we host a jeneverbar in our beloved Villa Artois adding a touch of warmth and tradition to the festive season.

Praesidium 2023-2024

With great pride, Moeder TeNTe presents its executive board for the club's 25th operational year.

Senior: Siemon Vrijdags v. Hagrid
Pro-senior: Edouard De Caluwe v. Floe
Vice-senior: Simon Demeulemeester v. Noid
Quaestor: Louis Borms v. Opart
Cantor: Arthur Talpe v. Horgel
Feestpraeses: Vincent Bonte v. Moby
Zedenmeester: Gavin Jacquet v. Dosiel
Sportführer: Nicolas Vanherpe v. Metzo
Temmer: Christophe Claessens v. Akriel

Tentation 2023

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